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The Platinum Professional Membership provides 1000 daily visitors for 30 days to your website or business for a total of 30,000 visitors.


All website visitors are high quality and highly targeted to the SEO keywords and geographies you provide in the form. This helps with your website's search ranking results, along with providing visitors who are more interested in your products and services.



- Daily visitors: 1,000+
- Keywords: up to 20
- Duration: 30 day campaign
- Total visitors: 30,000+ (30 days)
- Geo-targeting: up to 3 Countries/States/Cities
- Bounce rate: 40-70% (avg)
- Visit Duration: 1 - 4 minutes (avg)
- Type: 70% desktop, 30% mobile (avg)


- Website must have Google Analytics Installed, as we do not provide tracking links separately
- Professional Plans do not accept URL shorteners or affiliate links like



For Geo-Targeting, you can provide up to 3 cities (same state), one per line.

Example 1, targeting two specific cities:

  • US/California/San Francisco
  • US/California/Los Angeles

Target up to 3 cities in the same state - cannot target multiple states or countries.

Example 2, targeting a specific State:

  • All US/California

Example 3, targeting a specific Country:

  • All US


For Keyword Targeting, we recommend using product or service specific keywords.

Example 1, for local businesses [services]:

  • "Miami electrician", "electricians in Miami", "electricians near Miami"

Example 2, for eCommerce businesses [products]:

  • "men's leather boots", "men's work boots", "men's custom leather boots"

Example 3, for publishers [brand/content]:

  • "fishing guides", "fishing magazine", "[brand] news"


If you have any questions filling out the form, please reach out to our support team here.

Platinum - Professional Membership

Price Options
One-time purchase
Platinum Pro
Save 10%. Cancel anytime.
$1,080.00every month until canceled
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